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ROZARIO_The Impossible (2020)

I made this video for the wonderful and talented topmodel friend singer ROZARIO RAY; when he send me the song and i heard it, i was surpised, his voice and rhythm are magic, of course the song writing and produced by the another and superstar friend Jay Khan. make this a special song and i did this video in three weeks; i was so haunted with the talent of Rozario and his song! hope you like this! enjoy!

DONNA SUMMER_MacArthur Park (Dubis Vision of Laidback Luke Mix) (2013)

The physical disappearance of Donna hit me badly, but her legacy lives, her voice and music will stay for generations, she is and will be an icon for new generations. I present here my new video, my vision of today, what Donna would do, singing this immortal song "MacArthur Park" in the famous Park!; the new remix from the album "Love to Love you Donna" of Verve Records, the track of the video is the excellent "vocal remix Laidback Luke Mix" with a small introduction of the "DUB instrumental Laidback Luke remix", edited by myself to this video, this is my vision for this whole musical history. I hope you enjoy and diffuse this video in honor of our diva and she can continue to be remembered through time. LONG LIFE FOR THE QUEEN! Enjoy! Stor Dubiné.

ALEXHOUSER_Clarice From Luna (2005)

(SECOND PLACE BY FILMFEST UNKUL 2007- BERLIN) (17/03/07) " a hope, a dream, a search for lost lover by the anonymous city" a drama video on the real life of ALEXHOUSER. I made this video for my friend Alex, a wonderful musician, who is working hard for the music scene in Berlin. I made this with the software FLASH MX, using fotos and animation; it was really a great experience!, my first video with the program.

KÄTHE KRUSE_Le Sex Rouge (2004)

"The flys go on a long journey through the mountains of France." Something ral in the life of flys when they meet what they look for... Kathe Krüse's song "Le Sexe Rouge" got a impact to the ears of me with her voice, the original song was a slow indie music, I decided to make a house music Remix for the realitation of the video. the lyrics of the song ist about the France's name mountains and his heights. Käthe Kruse was the singer of cult-​ group of 80's "Die Tödliche Doris" in Berlin, Germany.


This video is based on the paintings i made between 1983-1997, I used a great anti-figure from the society, but for me she was a reality: a HORRIBLY BEAUTY WOMAN!, the perfect image of life. She gave me an inspiration about religion, mith, sexuality, disease and death: GRACE JONES, a diva whose performing art and music has given me a unique style to explore my way... the video is with a remix from me. my tribute to the great singer Diva.

THE WALL (2014)

Here a tribute to the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Wall in Berlin, my second home. Beautiful tribute with lights in the name of the victims of the DDR; we can't never forget this story and not to be repeated. I made this video during my walk along to to the line of lights on the border of the wall. a spontaneous video i made with a simple camera photo. I made the audio, a Remix with a symbolic song about the wall:

Pink Floyd - Another brick Of The Wall. (Dubi's 25's I Tribute mix) - enjoy!

DONNA SUMMER_ Stamp Your Feet (2008)

Donna Summer's first track from the album "CRAYONS". I read in an interview that Mrs. Summer says "... describes the background of the title Crayons and the aesthetic of the album as "a menagerie of colors and styles, with hints of different ethnic traditions and sounds. My dream is that when people hear the music it will remind them of their youth, their childhood and the joy and wonderment they felt exploring their first pack of Crayons....". I see every song in this album like diferent characters created for different stories, like a comic book created with crayons. STAMP YOUR FEET, speaks about winning every goal, takins steps every time, so I dedicated this video to the 2008's Summer Olympics Games I was hoping that this little video brings Mrs. Summer visual support for her fans and all the people around the world..

DONNA SUMMER_I Got Your Love (2013)

Donna Summer's "I Got Your Love"- A small biography of a diva, animated by a passionate fan of this great musical legend that returned with a great hit. I made this video with a enormous emotion when the whole song was on top dance hit, i got the idea to do a video promo for this song for Donna and all fans over the world.

DÍA NARANJA_ (Short Animation) (2013)

This video was for the Alejandra Szeplaki's film "DIA NARANJA" from Venezuela, my first short animation and my first original song in 35 mm ... i'm glad abou it, after long time i'm back to work together with my wonderful friend and talent director Alejandra Szeplaki.

NINA HAGEN_ Gretchen (1994)

It was my best and last video video from 90's, a wonderful experiencie where i worked with talented friends from the institut film where i was studing; months later i moved to live in Berlin. Nina Hagen's "GRETCHEN" is one of my favorit song of her.

DONNA SUMMER & LIZA MINELLI _ Does He Love You (Dubi's Video Dreams Mix) (2002)

This video was my second work with the computer, I was preparing me to beginn with something serious; to do comics with some stars, i beginn first with two divas together, something that i was wating over the years, and 1997 come true the dream!, Donna and Liza Minnelli with the song "Does He Love you?" a beautiful ballad from Liza Minnelli's album "Gently" 1996; here is the result: i made a remix of the song for this video, the sound is not good like the original song, it was one of my first remix ever, i was learning to do mix, Lol! but you can enjoy it.!! ;-)


I think this is one of the most important videos I ever made, a personal realization, a experiment between a song and its meaning. When George Bush started the first war against Irak, i felt sad about the global situation, and decide to use a song I always listen to. Reading the lyrics, I understood it was very powerful song, a simple text, like life itself, so I use it in three chapters. The first one was acapella, not included in this segment, the second was with music, and the third one acapella remixed from me. The song is "Tom Diner". Original version previously released in 1987 and featured on the Suzanne Vega album "Solitude Standing". DNA version available on the compilation "Tom's Album" (1991), a tribute album to Suzanne Vega. Today, you can see that history repeats itself, as father as son. This video was in seleccion in FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DEL NUEVO CINE LATINOAMERICANO 1992 in LA HABANA, CUBA, categorie: DOCUMENTAL.


My first video was filmed with a BETA camera video, it was funny because I worked with few resources, I also did the mask and comics. the music is by Art of Noise. one of the best experimental music groups of 80's; the content of the video is inspired by the lyrics of the Grace Jones's song PRIVATE LIFE.


This video was a project to find financial support for the creation of a series of stories for children, sadly never realized;this is simple but made with love. the story is based on a poor old man that he was happy surrounded by swallows, but a priest of the church broke his harmony when he decided to remove the birds from the Church.