Foto My Chilhood's Wisual Project


The approach of the exhibition is based in paintings , vinyl figures ,the videos and the setting up or installation;
The Digital Paintings
:  is about expressing  my vision about artists , places and  the religion that i experience through out my life with new colors and digital techniques ... more

Fotos: Videos


Sometimes I feel the static element needs movement; in my videos I give life to the characters. more

Fotos: The Jones's Aesthetic (1983 - 1997)

THE JONES ─ESTHETIK (1983 - 1997) 

This work is a personal approach to the viewer about the conceptual art that an artist can take from a stage, there are singers, actors and models that succeed by talent, but sometimes ... more

FOTO Archiv


Here are more pictures, drawings and  old projects.



Official pages of artists, companies, social media and friends in relation to my art.