Orginalfotos meiner Arbeiten bis 1990, die in verschiedenen Ausstellungen gezeigt wurden. Alle diese Bilder sind verkauft, daher die z. T. ungewöhnliche Form der Präsentation.



the sketches of my designs for the Blankie SERIES 1 competition of AARTING GROUP company of New York . I was selected with the design LA DOLOROSA.

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munny designs 

the sketches of my designs for the MUNNY´s vinyl figures of KIDROBOT company for my project MY CHILDHOOD'S VISUAL exhibitions.

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eyes on Berlin_cosmovision_titular Kopie 

My vision of Berlin's life and the universe.

Fotos: The Jones's Aesthetic (1983 - 1997)

THE JONES ÄESTHETIK (1983 - 1997) 

This work is a personal approach to the viewer about the conceptual art that an artist can take from a stage, there are singers, actors and models that succeed by talented...more

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Original images of my videos  in sequences with better quality and resolution to highlight the detail of the work.

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CD  designs covers.

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posters_titular Kopie

Postcards and posters to promote my videos and projects.

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people_titular Kopie

Series of portraits, caricatures of friends and celebrities.

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Illustrations and logo designs.

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This page is dedicated to one of the best moment of my life in 1992, I dedicated to all those people who first allowed me to express and extend my art with my theatrical work... mehr2

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oldPaintigs_drawings_titular Kopie

Unique photos of my first paintings I've done, All these works are sold and I show here old paintings and drawings too.

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exhibitons_events_titular Kopie

Here are invitation cards, postcards, posters and catalogs of my exhibitions and presentations.

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paquito_teddy_mupies_titular Kopie 

Paquito was my first comic series I made in the 80's for the children's newspaper "EL MERIDIANITO" of Editorial BLOQUE DE ARMAS. is the story of a child and his friends who meet them to have fun. more